I’ve worked with Jacques for the past five years. His advice, knowledge, helpfulness are complemented but his genuine friendless and interest in understanding my game and what I am trying to accomplish in golf. He’s retooled several drivers and he is the guy to see for reshafting and regripping. Your local pro might offer these services, but Jacques has the knowledge and the equipment to do it right the first time. I am a senior amateur who enjoys competing (2012 Senior Club Champion, Meadville Country Club). Jacques helps me do so with confidence.
Have a great day,


Hi, I came in yesterday to get my left-handed 3-wood regripped. I just wanted to say thank you for not only changing out the grip, but showing me around your shop a little bit and being personable and talking to me for a bit. You definitely don't get that from any of the big stores out there. Even though I just got a club regripped, it was a great experience.

Thanks, Andrew

Dear Jacques,

....hold on for a minute while I go into the living room and get my beer.... OK, I just emailed you to say I have experienced great success with my new driver over the past several rounds of golf. Since the first day I pulled her out of my bag, she has proven herself more than capable of the satisfaction that I demand, even when I find myself in the bag... I am oft times and consistantly found lying two, very near or upon every par five green ! Now any par five is reachable in two, as I find my new driver, (affectionately referred to as "Glow Boy" by Ron Wayda), the perfect compliment to my three wood, "Billy Bahrule"


Last Friday, in a tournament competition I birdied the par five seventh hole at Ridge Top to win a $23.00 skin. I scored a 44, my best 9 of the 2007 season. Wayda won $25.00 in a blind bogie [he guessed a number and somehow won a prize].

Thanks to Jacque Lemoyne, Erie's golf club mechanic, and the Fit Chip, I look forward to shaving even more strokes off of my game................... without the aid of Mulligans !

Thanks Jacque, I am well pleased. When we going golfin ?

Tom Edward

Hi Jacques,

I'm the guy with the gray hair & beard who bought a couple putters and had a couple others modified. I wanted you to know that the heavy one with the extra weight in the handle is spectacular. In conjunction with a new grip (hand position, not the grip of the handle), every putt within about 6 feet is now pretty much automatic, and the 15-30 footers are all close when they miss. I have never felt a putter be so stable in my hands. 

The new grip is a tip I got from Steve Stricker on the Golf Channel. I put the handle in the palm, not the fingers, of my left hand and the heel of the putter may be slightly off the ground as I let the putter swing in a more natural pendulum motion. The weight of the head and shaft keeps my hands still and insures that the swing will be true. Thanks again!


Robert A. Martin, Prof. Emeritus
Department of Biological Sciences
Murray State University
Murray, KY 42071

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