Labor Rates

Club Assembly
  Steel Labor only $15.00
  Graphite Labor only $18.00
  Throughbore Heads    $6.00
  Steel Labor only $20.00
  Graphite Labor only $23.00
  Throughbore Heads     $6.00
  Saving Graphite Shaft During Reshafting    $35+
  Re-Epoxy Head to Shaft    $12.50

Note: During the reshafting process, a graphite shaft can not always be saved. There is no guarantee implied of saving a graphite shaft at the time of removal. If the shaft can not be saved, there will be no additional charge.

  Save Grip (If Possible) $3
  Save Grip and Reinstall $6
  Install Customers Grip $3.75
  Build-up Grip $3
Other Labors
  Drill Out Broken Shaft $11
  Shorten Club + grip $7.50
  Lengthen Club + grip 11.00
  Check Swing Weight $2.50
Change Swing Weight:
  Prior to Assembly $7.50
  Steel Shaft $9
  w/Lead Tape to Head $5
  Check Flex or CPM $5
  Flat Line Oscillation – set shaft $20
  Check FLO $5
Loft & Lie:
  Check $3
  Adjust Irons $6.50
  Adjust Putters $12.50
  Adjust Hybrids $12.50
Other Services
  Remove Rattle from Head $15+
  Sole Grind – Wedges $18+
  Replace Spikes $10
  Whipping $20
  Hourly Rate $85
  Rush, Rush, Rush Add 15%
($20 Minimum)

Small parts needed for a project are extra – Ferruls, Shims, etc

If you don't see what you are looking for .... ASK.  

Many items/services are available but can not all be listed or carried in inventory.


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