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April, 2008
12 Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game

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Based on their best selling books: The Search for the Perfect Golf Club and The Search for the Perfect Driver, Tom Wishon along with Tom Grundner provide you with the information you NEED to know.

How do clubs work? How can you make them better? What should you look for (and look out for) when buying clubs? The answers are all revealed here.

Myth #1: Modern golf clubs hit farther than clubs of even a few years ago.

Myth #2: The longer my driver is, the farther I'll be able to hit it.

Myth #3: The lower the loft on my driver, the farther the ball will go.

Myth #4: The bigger the head, the better.

Myth #5: I play a stiff shaft; it says so right on it.

Myth #6: The newer clubs have larger "sweetspots."

Myth #7: Women's clubs are designed for women.

Myth #8: I'll just cut down a set for my kid. That's good enough.

Myth #9: My club is just like the one Tiger uses.

Myth #10: any club that's not a "brand name" is junk.

Myth #11: I was "custom fitted" at the driving range (or retail store, or pro shop).

Myth #12: Custom fitted golf clubs are only for really good golfers.







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