Technical Tips

June 2006

Whether you just bought a brand new set of golf clubs or just want to update and clean up an old set, determining the right grips for your game is essential.

Feel Better. Play Better.
Grips should feel good in your hands. When a club is in your hands, you should feel confident and connected to the club head. Many golfers will automatically remove all grips from their new purchase and replace them with their favorite wrap or rubber style grip to achieve the perfect feel. Regripping every year at the start of the season will ensure the best performance from your clubs.

Get Grip Fit.
Custom club fitting is making club selection easier for many amateur golfers. Manufacturers and fitting professionals are doing a great job at getting the correct loft and shaft flex, but many are mistakenly overlooking the most critical part of your club -the grip. The correct size could mean the difference between hooking or slicing the ball. Getting the best feeling grips will improve confidence and enjoyment. If you are unsure about your current grip size, ask a golf professional or try different sizes for the best feel.

Changing Grips Is Like Changing Tires.
Regripping will not only make your clubs feel new again, new grips will give you the traction and tack you need to make good golf shots. Grips that are worn will slip and increase torque, which means less accurate shot making. The game is hard enough; lower your risks and possibly your score with an annual tune up.

Try lots of grips.
At Lamkin, we hear from all types of golfers from professionals to amateurs and so many use same style grip for years. Golf is an evolving game. New technologies in golf clubs and balls are changing performances. The same is true for grips. Because of the relatively low cost to buy grips, we encourage golfers to sample grips. Many of us enjoy different grips on different clubs. And yet some want consistency throughout the set. If you're not sure, then try a few different styles. Sampling gives you a better idea of what feels best.


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