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Sept 2017

If chipping is your problem, consider this!

GolfWorks Staff – Brett Lindsey

Many players struggle with shots around the green. There are many reasons why – lack of practice, lack of skill, improper club selection and on and on. As club developers, our design team at The Golfworks have always looked for ways to make the game easier. The area of the game we see most players needing help is in the short game. We have a history of great products developed to help the short game, including the Sand Putter, the Slippery Frog, the original Glider Wedges, just to name a few. For those shots where the ball is just off the green, calling for a pitch or chip and run to get the ball close, we have seen a progression from using a mid iron, a fairway wood and even a hybrid. One of the reasons fairway woods and hybrids are being used more on these types of shots is simply that their design features lend themselves to being very functional on chips and pitches around the green, when you need carry the ball a short distance and run it to the hole. Features like a wide sole, the sole shape and a low center of gravity all lend themselves to these types of shots. They won’t snag in the grass as they glide across the turf, much like a putter on a well executed stroke.

The most common mistakes we see on the chip and run shots are the fat shot, or the thin shot. Both are equally bad and can lead to more than a little frustration. If the club used has a wide sole, with a lower center of gravity, the club will more easily glide across the surface (not dig) and strike the ball with the cg at or below that of the ball. Enhance the sole design with a proven “Bounce Sole” and the execution of the shot becomes even easier. These features virtually eliminate the fat shot and help get the ball over the fringe area and on the putting surface. Loft is also a key. Through much testing and evaluation, we have determined that a 36 degree loft (approximate 8 iron loft) is the optimum loft to get the right trajectory and roll for this type of shot. The combination of the Bounce Sole design and the loft make this type of club ideal for the chip and run.

To that end, the Trouble Out C Hybrid was developed. With a low center of gravity and a wide sole, the C Hybrid is the perfect club for the chip and run. In addition, the Trouble Out Bounce Sole design enhances performance, virtually eliminating fat shots and is ideal for chipping out of moderate to shallow sand bunkers. The 345 gram head weight is perfect for a 35” or 36” playing length to consistently improve both distance and accuracy. The lie angle is set at 70 degrees which is similar to many putters. This allows positioning of the eyes over the ball, allowing for a normal chipping motion or a putting stroke to be used, simplifying the motion and greatly improving consistency and accuracy.

If you struggle with the chip and run, or getting out of shallow bunkers, the Trouble Out-C Hybrid may be your answer. We believe it can greatly improve your short game, resulting in lower scores.  

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