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September 2010

You Want To…Walk?
Posted By Jeff Summitt

The good ‘ole days

Don’t worry people, I am not going anywhere. But I did go golfing last night after work and was surprised by that same question I got by the young lady behind the counter. As usual I handed her the money and said “Just walking 9 tonight.” Then in shock or disbelief she had asked “Are you going to… WALK ? You are the first person all day that has walked.” I calmly told her that my doctor would probably encourage it and that I would be OK.

Granted it was near 90 degrees, but it was a nice day and the humidity hadn’t settled in. Plus it was 6 o’clock in the afternoon surely someone else would have had to walk on that given day. I walk whenever possible. Not because I am cheap (OK, I won’t answer that), but the real reason is it is good exercise in the great outdoors. Am I so out of touch with society that driving in a cart has become an integral part of golf?

It is no wonder why we are fighting a battle with obesity or rely on fossil fuel to get around. That’s why we are drilling offshore in the Gulf people. The feet we were born with have the answers to solve both of those problems.
Deluxe Lightweight Pull Cart

Heck, I saw on TV early this morning that lawyers were getting ready to sue McDonald’s for putting toys in their Happy Meals. Now toys are causing obesity? Just like walking off pounds and getting you heart rate up by lugging a fully loaded 25 pound golf bag on the course, it comes down to personal responsibility. Those same lawyers if they remember back to when they were a kid were happy to get a prize in their box of Cracker Jacks. Not exactly health food is it, especially in the good old day when lead paint was probably put on those same prizes. But then again, we didn’t have an obesity problem either.

Look back only 30 years ago at one of the greatest movies of all time – Caddyshack. This classic showed golfers actually walking on the course. Is that so far back in our distant future?

But if you elect to walk in the heat like I do – be prepared. Wear a Hireko hat or visor to keep the heat and direct sunlight off your head. Keep a towel handy and bring water for hydration. You may even want to wear some sunscreen as well. Besides staying fit, remember to enjoy the scenery.

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