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Sept 2009

Counter Weighting?????
-- by Jacques Lemoyne, Certified Class “A” Clubmaker

…. Is this something new!!!!!

This technology has been around for years. Back in the years of the hickory sticks Clubmakers were fitting their pros with counter weighting. The Clubmaker would take the hickory shaft, hollow out the butt end and pour in hot lead. The amount of weight was not very accurate and crude. But the pros noticed a marked improvement in their shot making with the correct weight … or something close to it.
In more modern times Wilson and Spaulding used counter weighting in the 1950’s. At that time these companies employed a plastic cap at the butt end of the grip. The cap would accept a weight that was screwed in using an Allen wrench. With the kit you could fit your clubs with the optimum weight for your swing. Better than the hot lead.
Most notable is Jack Nicklaus. Jack would put coins on the butt end of the shaft under the grip. No one could see the technology.

How does it work? Here is the techie explanation for putters from Balance Certified.

“…….Ok, a little science!
The three points that define the triangle move as one creating the optimum pendulum putting stroke. Positioning mass above the hands counter-balances the head of the putter. This balance gives golfers the ultimate feel while putting. The best balance requires the correct amount of weight in exactly the right places. Optimizing these weights to achieve the proper feel and balance is what balancing putters is all about.”

I have found that the counter weight, in the putter, calms or quiets my hands for a smoother stroke. The additional weight puts more feel in my hands. It also acts as a counter balance for the head of the putter. Think of the centrifuge at NASA to simulate G forces on astronauts, it has a counter balance for stability. Whew … what a ride!

For Drivers a counter weight will have the same results. Customers have found increased distance and straighter shots off the tee.

Soooooo........ who is Balance Certified?????

Former NASA engineers. They took their knowledge to players on the PGA and found some volunteers. Testing found the counter balance weight / back weighting system could drastically improve distance off the tee, stabilize and tune putters, and give added control and spin for irons and wedges. They shared this new/old technology by founding Balance Certified Golf, Inc., in 1999.


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