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September 2008

Look for Independent Testing of golf equipment.  Rankmark.com

The following test was included in our July 2008 newsletter.

We at Rankmark were given the task of selecting 24 different drivers. All were thought by us or the manufacturers to be competitive and if put to the test could certainly end up “best”.

Each club was placed in a group of 6 so that they could be easily compared. Each was tested for feel, accuracy, and distance – awarding 5 points for first, 4 for second, 3 for third, 2 for forth, and one for fifth.

Since this Randmark scoring system seems to have a 5% margin of error and our usual cut line of 30 points or more (all the way down to 28) the leaders who would continue to the second stage of testing included;

Simpac S cube


Bobby Jones


Ping G 10


Vector Beta Ti


Nike SQ


Taylor Made Burner


King Cobra Speed LD


Callaway FTi


TourEdge Exotic


The following comment is from the staff at The Club House.

I have seen toooooo many test results in over the counter magazines ranking equipment according to advertising dollars spent.  Independent testing gives the potential buyer an objective point of view.  

Innovation in design seems to be elusive.   The first square driver, which I know of, was produced in 1966.   Steve Biltz designed a square driver with adjustable weights at the heel and toe areas.   The Centurion Driver designed by an innovative golfer.   In 1988 Ralph Maltby designed a set of irons with adjustable weights.  These irons are now in there fifth generation.   Tweaking and improving their performance.    But when major OEMs make statements of …. Never been done before ….  We are the first to have ….. Taking the Driver to new limits…..etc   these leaders in the golf industry are twisting words.   YES … maybe THAT company never before made that club.   YES I would agree with a statement like that.  Most club designs have been around or are under the radar of TV and mainstream golf magazines.   Most creative golf designs come from no names with limited budgets.

So seek out the independent reviewers … like Rankmark.com   That are not limited to testing only certain products, because there my be a better product out there that no one will tell you about.

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