Technical Tips

October 2007


Here are five tips to help when choosing a putter.  Putting comprises nearly 50% of a player’s game – choosing the right putter is a step in the right direction toward lower scores.

Head Design:  Choose a larger headed putter for a higher MOI.  Higher MOI putters twist less on off-center hits, resulting in straighter putts.  Better players may opt for smaller head styles (and more feel), but for most players, a larger putter will result in better putting.

Face Balanced or Not:  If a player makes a straight back/straight through stroke, a face balanced design will make that stroke more repeatable.  For those who tend to putt with more of an arch stroke, a heel shafted (non-face balanced) design is a better choice.

Heavy or Light:  The trend in today’s putters is toward heavier weight.  Heavier putters tend to make it easy to make a smooth repeatable stroke, especially under pressure.  The majority of tour pros use heavier putters; you probably should as well.

Grip Size:  If you tend to have a wristy stroke and want to reduce the amount of wrist rotation in your stroke, go to a larger grip.  If you want more “feel” try a smaller grip.

Alignment Lines or Not:  Alignment lines are common on most putters, but not all have them.  If you have trouble lining up your putts, choose a putter with either a single bold alignment line or multiple smaller ones.

These five tips should make putter selection easier.


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