Technical Tips

November 2010

Practice with a Purpose

We all hit golf balls at the practice range.   They go up and come back down.   Some stay down and try to burrow themselves into the ground, some go left and some go right.  Why don’t they go straight?

Launch Monitors can help explain why the ball has a brain of its own (it does not have a brain).   The ball will do exactly what you tell it to do with the movement pattern of the club head and the equipment being used.   The Launch Monitor will give you information on the shot.  Here is a partial list:

  • Club Head Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Distance
  • Angle of Launch
  • Ball Spin
  • Side Spin
  • Max Height

A Vector Launch Monitor takes the guess work out of club and ball fitting, and a golf lesson.   The system measures the exact speed, side spin, vertical angle and side angle of every shot.  

The golf ball is only on the face of the club for about 300 microseconds.   At that instant, within 1millisecond, the Vector Launch Monitor takes two photos of the ball as it travels through a Doppler Radar Fog.   The ball speed is measured within 0.5 mph, launch angle within 0.2 degrees, backspin and sidespin within 150 rpm and side angle within two degrees.   All of these calculations are used to compute ball flight.

Maintain your swing over the winter.   Find an indoor driving range or better yet a facility with a Launch Monitor to practice with a purpose.  Launch Monitors give you a starting point, a baseline.   Improvement can be measured.   These systems can not lie and only give you the facts.
Whether you are working by yourself, a teaching Pro or being fitted for new clubs … find a launch monitor.   Hard data will improve your game.   Practice with a purpose.

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