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Novemberr 2008

What's New for 2009?

“Got GAS!!!!!!   I do …… and I have never hit them so far.”   FUZZY ZOELLER

POWERBILT, for 2009, is introducing Air Force One.  A Nitrogen powered golf club. Now how does that work????  It has been tried before, but failed.   The Nitrogen would always leak out.   POWERBILT has over come this obstacle and devised a way to seal the Driver, Fairway Wood and Hybrid heads to hold the nitrogen.

The advantage???   Nitrogen, being a larger molecule, is easier to contain.  It needs a bigger hole, rather than Oxygen or Hydrogen, to escape. The Patented Compressed Nitrogen Power heads are pressurized.   The pressure ranges from 90 to 150 psi.   The heads will use various multiple face thicknesses in combination with the pressure range to maximize the TRAMPOLINE EFFECT.   Depending on the players swing speed the heads will match up to the player to achieve the maximum C.O.R. (trampoline effect).  This gives you the distance that you deserve.

Get the unfair legal advantage with Air Force One from POWERBILT … “GOT GAS”.


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