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May 2015

Why You Should Get Your Equipment Retrofitted
Retrofitting Your Golf Clubs - How To Ensure Success!

Perhaps you have recently purchased a set of golf clubs, but they have not been custom fit for you and they are not performing to your expectations. So you wonder - can your present golf clubs be "retrofitted" to fit you and provide the performance results you desire?

Yes! Retrofitting your golf clubs to provide great results is possible, but to guarantee success, you should follow the guidelines noted below:

  1. Before you decide to work with someone - hoepefully a certified custom club fitter - to retrofit your clubs, be clear in your mind why you think you need this change. Are you not getting enough distance, do you not get good shot consistency, do the clubs not feel right when you hit golf shots? Make some type of list of why you want to make changes to your clubs.

  2. Before you pursue making changes to your present clubs, get someone to take measurements of important club specifications. These might include iron lofts, lie angles, club lengths, swingweights, and possibly shaft flexes. For woods, these might include lengths, lofts, face angle (amount open or closed, or square), swingweights, and shaft flexes. This knowledge can help guide any changes you might have made to your clubs.

  3. Realize that in fact it might be possible, in some cases, to make some simple modifications to your present clubs to help you get improved performance. Some examples include iron lie angle adjustments, making irons shorter and reweighting them, lengthening irons with extenders, or making drivers shorter and reweighting them. Do not rule out these possible club changes.

  4. If simple changes to your clubs will not work, then consider working with a custom club fitter to work with you to identify how to modify your present clubs. If you decide to work with a custom fitter, re-read this article to know what you should expect in a custom club fitting. - The True Custom Club Fitting Experience.

  5. If you decide to pursue a full retrofitting of your clubs, perhaps because you really like the club heads you are playing with, but not the total club performance, understand that the best type of retrofit fitting will be one where the custom fitter can test with the actual club head you are using. In some cases the fitter may not have your actual club head in his fitting system. If this is the case, be sure that you are able to hit a final "test club" - for example, a 6 iron built to final specifications to be sure you are getting the performance you desire.

In summary, getting your present clubs retrofit can provide you with improved performance results. Arm yourself with information to ensure that you will get the improvements that you desire.

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