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May 2011

What is Spine and F.L.O. you ask?

By The Golf Coast Fitting Centers

When it comes to spining and flo'ing shafts here's what we do.

We put the shaft in a Neufinder and find the softest axis of the shaft, this is called N1 which refers to the natural bend plane of the shaft (the spot the shaft wants to snap to when it's placed under load) then we place a SMALL mark on this spot on a piece of blue painters tape, this is the spot we believe we want aligned to the target.

Next we clamp the butt of the shaft and mount a laser to the tip and twang it along the intended target line and observe the oscillations of the laser against a near by wall, if they are dead flat then bingo we nailed it.

If the laser wobbles or appears to want to creep away from anything other than a perfectly flat line of oscillation (Flo) we then loosen the butt clamp and rotate the shaft a degree or two one way or the other until we achieve "Flo"

With the shaft in this position we put a BIG line on the top of the tape, this BIG line is the spine, and is the stiffest plane of the shaft referred to as S1.

Where should you put the spine (hard side of the shaft) S1, or said another way where you should put the soft side N1 is a good question?

Most either put it at 12 o'clock (facing the sky) or at 9 o'clock facing the target, and there are good arguments for each.

It is our belief that having the softest axis aligned at the target allows the shaft to more freely kick thru the ball precisely at impact,and that by having the stiffest axis aligned to the sky that it minimizes tendency of the toe of the club to droop do to centrifugal force.

We have done 1,000's and 1,000's of shafts and it has been our experience that the best performance comes from putting the stiffest axis (the spine) in the 12 o'clock position.

So if you get a shaft from us and we have spined and floed it then know it was our intention that the BIG line go on top.

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