Technical Tips

May, 2008

What’s Offset All About?
Here are some facts related to offset and how it can help a player (especially a slicer or low ball hitter) improve his or her game.  In no particular order, here goes…

  • Offset tends to move the CG of the head rearward which increases launch angle and potential distance.
  • Offset helps a player square the face yielding straighter shots.  One reason is that the player’s hands are now slightly ahead of the ball, the net result of which is a more closed face.
  • Adding weight in the heel of a club allows the head to rotate closed, again helping to eliminate a slice.
  • Most offset woods also have closed faces which help fight a slice.
  • In irons, offset is progressive through the set.  This means there is more offset in long irons than in short irons.  The reason is that longer irons are typically more difficult to square up than are short irons, in part due to the longer club length.  The additional offset in long irons leads to straighter shots through the set.
Hopefully these facts about offset will help you when selecting clubs.


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