Technical Tips

March 2019

Wedge Playability Categories Chart FOR MALTBY 56 WEDGES

Below -40 Points
Player Classic
Narrow SoleWidths (1/4" to 5/8")
Almost impossible to play for any modern golfer.Avoid playing wedges in this category.

39 to -1 Point

Narrower to Normal SoleWidths (11/16" to 13/16")
Only for the highest golfer skill level. Best for tour pros, golf professionals and very low handicap amateurs. This category wedge can hit any special type shot if the golfer is capable.

0 to 40 Points
Normal SoleWidths (3/4" to 7/8")
Requires a very good skill level to be consistent. Usually best for golfers up to 14 handicap. Most common wedges used and sold today. Most golfers would benefit by moving up to the “Game Improvement” category.

41 to 80 Points
Game Improvement
Wider SoleWidths (1" to 13/8")
Will help most golfers improve their wedge game when moving up from“Conventional” category. Especially for those golfer’s inconsistent with their wedge play. All handicaps apply here. Improves sand shots, pitches & chipping.

81 to 150 Points
Super Game Improvement
VeryWide SoleWidths (17/16" to 13/4")
Will help golfers with poorer wedge play and especially those that hit the ball fat or thin when chipping and pitching the ball. Helps any golfer with sand trap problems.All handicaps apply here.

151 to 200 Points
Ultra Game Improvement
ExtremelyWide SoleWidths (17/8" to 21/8")
The absolute easiest to hit wedges. Very hard to hit the ball fat. For all golfers who experience frustration with their wedge play. The least amount of skill required to play wedge shots. These wedges are always played from a mostly square face position.

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