Technical Tips

March, 2007

Spring is around the corner.....Somewhere.

March is my favorite time of the year. I get to talk to designers and engineers at the famous PCS Symposium in Louisville. The constant thirst for knowledge drives me there. All the hype, every year, about new products to hit the ball farther or easier … overwhelm me. And how true are they???? Is it myth or fact???? Those are the answers I hope to find thru independent testers (the USGA and Engineering Departments at the college level), bona fide shaft companies and from independent designers. I am your local myth buster.

A thought to ponder. If the Screw Drivers were so much the hot ticket in 2006, why don’t the Square Faced Drivers of 2007 have any screws?

Stop by after the show and I should have these and other answers for you.


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