Technical Tips

June, 2008

Tech Tip - Why do the demo clubs and the purchased clubs perform differently?

There are many variables that go into making a golf club and with each variable there are tolerances. For example, most large OEM's have a loft tolerance of plus or minus 1 degree or greater. When a golfer buys a driver marked 10 degrees, it can have a loft of anywhere from 9 to 11 degrees. Combine that with other golf club variables with tolerances and it is easy to see how two clubs with the same specifications can perform completely differently. (Lie, face angle, internal weighting, shaft flex, frequency, torque, spine alignment, balance, weight, etc.) While the concept of fitting systems is promising the fact is, fitting systems can only offer an approximation of how the club will ultimately play.

The Club House understands how vitally important it is for all golfers to be properly fit with their equipment. To maximize the performance of you and your equipment, schedule a fitting session and have your equipment custom fit to match your exact swing by a qualified PCS (Professional Clubmaker Society) member near you.


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