Technical Tips

June, 2007

Tech Tip: Hit it Higher or Lower

Jeff Jackson
Managing Director
Peerless Golf

With launch angle being a key topic in today’s fitting world, here are a few ways that will help a player to hit the ball higher or lower through equipment…

  1. Club Loft: Loft is the most important parameter when it comes to launch angle. Higher lofts will hit the ball higher; lower lofts yield lower ball flight. By the way, most players are playing drivers with not enough loft to maximize distance.

  2. Shaft Launch Parameters: Today’s shafts can make a definite difference in launch angle. Low launch shafts such as the UST V2, Grafalloy Pro Launch Red and Aldila’s NV are designed for lower ball flight. Shafts from those companies that are designed specifically for higher launch include the UST V2 High Launch, the Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue and the Aldila NVS.

  3. Golf Ball: Balls play a major role in launch and trajectory. If you are suffering distance loss, look to a ball with high-launch and low spin for more distance. Such information is generally found on the box; ask your clubfitter for details.

  4. Tee Height: How high a person tees the ball can influence launch angle. The higher the ball is teed, the more potential for a player to hit the ball on the upswing, adding to launch angle.

These are just a few equipment-related ways to change ball flight. If you try these and still have problems, it’s time to look for a teacher to help out. But, unless it’s an unusual situation, launch angle can definitely be influenced by equipment changes.

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