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July 2015

2015 Blade Iron Shootout
By GolfWRX Staff -

This list of the best blade irons in golf isn’t like the Gear Trials: Best Clubs Lists that we’ve published for 2015. It couldn’t be, because the type of golfers who are generally using blade or blade-like irons are generally looking for something more specific than adding distance or forgiveness to their iron game.

For that reason, we went about this story in a different way. We’re calling it our 2015 Blade Iron Shootout, and we hope it will help golfers understand the differences between some of the most popular blade irons currently available.


We had six golfers with handicaps of 1 or better hit 15 of the latest blade irons on the market in their stock 7-iron configuration in a special session at Miles of Golf in Ypsilanti, Mich. After they hit all the irons, we had them pick their favorites, which was easier for some than others. And of course, we recorded all their Trackman data so readers like you can have all data you want to make the most informed decision about your next set of blade irons.

Below, you’ll see the 15 irons we tested, as well as a full analysis of the average ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, smash factor, landing angle, carry distance, club speed, attack angle, and max height from each iron in the test. We also added a category called “Consistency Ranking,” which ranks the standard deviation of the carry distances we saw from each iron. And you’ll also learn a little more about each of our testers and see what irons they chose at the bottom of the story.

Editor’s Note: We weren’t able to test every model we hoped to for this list. Miura and Epon declined to participate, and Bridgestone was unable to supply us with samples in time for the test.


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