Technical Tips

July, 2008

Tech Tip - Your 2nd longest club,
your 3rd longest club,
your 4th longest …

From TWGT Custom Fitting Updates – Summer 2007
By Tom Wishon

Never think automatically to buy a 3, 5 and 7-wood.   Think in terms of what is the lowest loft you can hit comfortably and consistently get well up in the air to fly from a fairway lie.   That becomes your “second longest hitting wood” after the driver …..  this will very often not be a 3 wood.

Once you have found your second longest hitting wood, go 4 degrees in loft between each fairway wood for golfers with >90mph, 5 degrees for golfers with swing speeds between 75-90mph, 6 degrees for golfers with <75mph.

What about hybrids?   Do not duplicate any shot distances with a fairway wood and a hybrid that hit the ball the same distance.   Make sure the first hybrid after the last fairway wood offers you a decent separation of distance.


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