Technical Tips

July 2006
Don’t give up distance as you get older…

All of us are getting older. As we age, potentially we lose distance on our tee shots. Don’t despair though…there is a way to gain back some distance through a change of shafts. Here’s how it might be accomplished: Softer flexes help to add distance. Higher torque shafts may help to do the same. Shafts with lower kick point tend to launch the ball higher – with today’s balls that often equates to a distance gain. Longer length shafts also will help potentially add back some lost distance. The same will apply to lighter weight shafts perhaps adding some distance.

Do keep in mind that any increase in distance may come at the expense of accuracy. The best fitting scenario is one in which the longest hitting shaft that provides acceptable accuracy is the best fit. Remember when seeking distance as the ultimate goal in fitting, there are a number of ways to potentially achieve that goal related to the golf shaft:

  • Softer Flex
  • Lower Kick/bend Point
  • Lighter Weight
  • Longer Length
  • Higher Torque
Do keep in mind that the results from any (or all) of the above changes may vary from player to player. Actual player testing and/or fitting will determine which, if any, of the above changes will be more effective for a given player.

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