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December 2009

-- taken from Golf Coast Golf Views from David Dugally.

I would like to share some of my thoughts and insights on knockoffs.

1st off I would like to make the distinction between a club or other product that is somewhat similar in design, performance, or result than another branded product which I will call a knockoff or "generic" over a club or product that is a counterfeit.

The distinction is that in the case of the generic the consumer knows they are not getting the brand name OR paying for it, rather they are hoping to get something that will provide similar results at a discount.

As to the counterfeit, there is an attempt to deceive the consumer into thinking they are getting the real McCoy at a bargain.

We are against counterfeits, and it is an illegal practice in most countries.

As to Generic styles, well, we are all for them. (When they are properly screened for quality)
Please think about the last time you had a prescription filled.
Did you opt for the generic version?
Did you notice the savings between the "Brand name" and the generic?
Did you expect and receive a similar result?
When you buy say ketchup or soup do you always buy Heinz or Campbell’s, or do you on occasion opt for Albertsons version?
Ditto on laundry detergent.
The point is that in most of your buying decisions you are given options between the branded product and the generic with no negative implications.
We believe you should have those same options in your golf clubs.

We are now into our 2nd decade designing our own clubs, and have had dealings with most every foundry during this time, and we know what goes into a quality head from the grade of stainless or Ti thru the heat treating and final product specs such as gram wt, loft, lie, bore depth, face angle, bulge/roll, face thickness, etc.
These are all things that we specify on our original designs and we have extremely tight tolerances such as +/- 1º or gram, and we check for these same tolerances on the generic components we offer.
When it comes to our generic club offerings they will certainly meet or exceed their branded versions offerings and come close to meeting our in house Vector brand offerings.

Taylormade™ is credited for making the first metal wood. Does that mean that every other metal wood is a clone? Maybe

We were the first to introduce Beta Titanium in our Stiletto driver in 1996; now most major club manufacturers utilize it.
Have they copied us in this area of technological advancement? Of course they have.
Here is a picture of that club from 1996

Notice any similarities to it in this head that is currently featured by another golf company over 10 years later?

Or how about this iron which we have also been making for near 10 years,

In comparison to this one made by Callaway™?

One thing we do know is that a club is made of components, the head, the shaft and the grip and it is not only the quality of ALL those components that make a better club BUT the suitability of each for the person swinging it.

I was watching video of Tom Wishons presentation to The 2008 World Scientific Congress of Golf http://golfscience.us/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=60 and he stated Custom Fitting must start with components, and a wide variety of components so you could choose from all the specifications to find just the right club for each individual.
Don’t you think he meant that you should be able to pick a head that you like the looks of and one that has features suited to your game and then be able to match that with a shaft that helps you hit it higher or lower if that’s what you need and then match that with the proper size grip and one you like the feel of.

Many PGA Tour Pro’s play Scotty Cameron Putters including Tiger Woods.

Most of us know that there have been thousands of Ping Anser Knock offs, but did you know that the putter Tiger Woods used to win the 2001 Masters was a knock off?

Here is a picture of it

And here is a picture of an Original Ping Anser

Here is a direct quote from arguably the most prolific putter designer of all time with scores of tour wins using his products.

"Is my Newport putter a takeoff on the Ping Anser? Of course it is. Is the
American Classic similar to the Bulls Eye? Certainly. But is it wrong to
take off on their original designs and try to make them better? Absolutely
not. Schwinn didn't invent the bicycle, but I dare you to call the Grey
Ghost model a knockoff. My approach to putter design is the same."

Scotty Cameron

Here are 2 quotes from Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.
“The trademark laws are intended to protect consumers and competition, not just brand-name manufacturers”
“Consumers should not be deprived of the benefits of competition”
And we couldn’t agree more.


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