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TECH TIPS, August, 07: Is Longer Really Better?

For a number of years, you have been hearing that longer length drivers will produce longer drives - and most companies are producing drivers today that are at least 45" in length. While swing robots might suggest that 45+” is the best length for long drives, many golfers simply cannot hit the longer driver in the center of the face enough times to gain any type of consistency or longer distance. While longer length offers the possibility of longer drives, it often does not actually produce them.

Confused? If you are experiencing distance problems with a 45" long (or longer) driver, give something shorter to try. A shorter club often allows them to hit the ball more in the center of the face repeatedly, actually producing longer drives than the longer length driver. If a player can hit the driver’s “sweet spot” more often, then his or her distance will increase. Often a shorter length driver (43"-44.5") will make this happen more often. Add a shorter driver to your bag or simply choke down on your current driver and you might be pleasantly surprised at the results. Despite what you have been used to hearing, longer length clubs do not always produce longer length drives - if you’re having distance problems, try a shorter driver. You might become more consistent and hit it longer as a result!

Straighter is longer …

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