Technical Tips

August 2017

If You Think The Adjustable Hosel Drivers Allow You to Change Loft, Think Again

By Tom Wishon

Most of the OEM adjustable drivers claim to be able to offer an adjustable change in the loft of the driver along with a change in the lie angle. All of the adjustable hosel pieces used on these OEM adjustable drivers work the same way. The bore in the hosel piece is formed at an angle so when the shaft is rotated inside the hosel piece, the shaft now tilts in a different angle with respect to the centerline of the hosel itself.

When the shaft is tilted in a plane that is parallel to the face plane, this very definitely will change the lie angle of the assembled driver. When the shaft is tilted in the other plane which is perpendicular to the face plane, this adjustment changes the face angle, not the loft.

With the woods, 99% of all golfers set up to the ball by allowing the driver sole to sit on the ground. Therefore, the only way an adjustable hosel piece can affect a change in the loft in the driver or wood is IF THE GOLFER TRAINS HIMSELF TO HOLD THE FACE OF THE DRIVER SQUARE TO THE TARGET AND NOT TO ALLOW THE DRIVER TO SIT ON ITS SOLE.  




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