Technical Tips

August 2016

Popular Driver Lengths

Doesn't It seem that many average golfers emulate their tour pro's golf equipment? Sometimes they even buy the latest Driver because the pro just won a tournament with that driver so they think or hope to themselves if he/she can do it maybe it will work for me! Well if that is so maybe you might wonder if the Driver length that Tiger Woods used when he won the Green Jacket in 1997 would help you in your ability to do better.

Well it probably Would, his driver length was 43 1/2 inches that year, and they lengthen the course because of him. It is hard for the average golfer to understand the notion, that a driver that is adjusted (shorten) to their proper length will actually increase their average distance because they now are more able to hit the ball closer to the center of the sweet spot, which gives a better power transfer rate, which drives the ball further than a ball hit with a driver that is 2" longer that is hit outside of the sweet zone.

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