Technical Tips

August 2008

Match Clubs to You, Not the Other Way Around…

By Jeff Jackson
Author of Total club Fitting in the 21st Century and The Modern Guide to Clubmaking.

At the range this week, I was talking to a customer who was inquiring about having his clubs shortened to accommodate where he gripped them. He said he consistently gripped to the bottom of the grip and had 1-1/2” of the butt sticking out from the top of his hands. As I was explaining the effects of shortening the clubs, a regular range customer came by and made the comment that this gentlemen should learn to hold the club correctly rather than have the clubs shortened. This brings up the question, “Who is right?” Is it the guy who consistently holds his clubs lower on the grip or is it the guy who says to take lessons to learn to hold the club higher? Here’s my take on an interesting situation…

The first guy tells me (after the second guy walks off) that he has always held his clubs like this and has always felt his clubs were too long. He has never been custom fitted before. He also shoots in the high 70’s and has no desire to take lessons at this time. He says his grips feel too small. After hearing this, cutting the clubs is by far the best option. This will eliminate his need to grip down on the clubs and will make the grips feel bigger as he will now be gripping toward the butt end of the grip.

I explained that the idea of custom fitted clubs and the fact that clubs should fit the swing and not the other way around. There is no need to match a swing to the clubs; the clubs should match the swing. The clubs are now being cut down and I am certain the player will be happier and more consistent with the shorter clubs. Time will tell, but I’d bet on the guy with the shorter clubs when he plays against Player #2 – especially if #2 tries to make his swing match his clubs – instead of doing it the right way!


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