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April 2014

Dave Hohnke on Counter Balance
By Dave Hohnke

I am Balance Certified, and have used the Tour Locks, (from Bill and GS) and I have worked with a few design guys on the Opti-Vibe concept. You can find a pretty interesting set of comments in the Physics Of Golf concerning the way MOI occurs with internal shaft balancing. So that was my interest in the O-V concept. I worked with dampers even farther down the shaft than most and found some MOI relief, and balance point in the club consistency. In a few circumstances the changes were welcomed by the player.

With counter balancing there is different batch of problems. Better players (PGA pro's) will hit duck hooks with as little as 8g as a counter balance. The original Harmon Tour CB models did the same thing and they were pretty much "86ed" by most pros. The folks who do benefit from counter balancing, are players with weak wrist muscles, and those who have problems with swing plane direction. The CB allows for a more defined swing plane as developed from the upper body muscles. EG: a player with little or no movement of the leg muscles in his swing.

What we will find interesting this spring is the acceptance of the counterbalancing effects of the ultra oversized JUMBO-MAX grips. I am wagering on the same players who got relief from the CB weights under the grip cap.


Dave Hohnke is the Club Fitter for the Indiana Hoosiers


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