At The Club House we give you every yard that you deserve. Most golfers want to shoot a lower score; they are their own measure of improvement. Equipment change can improve your game.

A PGA teaching professional can improve your game. You need the correct equipment AND good swing fundamentals for your best game. A blend of the two is the best game improvement you can have.

My objective is to fit the golfer with the best equipment for his or her swing. We will work with all brands of golf equipment to customize your golf game. It may be a simple adjustment to the golf club, a retro fit or a total custom build.

Now .... get out and golf!!!

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June 2018

Feel Factor of Club Fitting

The lightest club in your bag is your driver and the heaviest club is your sand or lob wedge. Driver heads weigh about 200 grams, shafts are usually 60 grams and a standard grip is 50 grams.  This makes the total weight of a men’s driver around 310 grams.  The only way to change this is by using a lighter/heavier shaft and a lighter/ heavier grip.  Ladies golf clubs are usually lighter because they have lighter shafts and, in some cases, lighter heads.  As club builders we have to be very careful when changing any of these factors as it can completely change the performance of the golf club.  For example, changing to a heavier grip, such as an oversize or jumbo grip from a men’s standard can make the club feel heavier but the balance point or swing weight will get lighter because more of the weight is in your hands.  In general, golfers with smooth tempos, slow transition from backswing to forward swing will like lighter shafts.  Golfers with a fast tempo and quick transition will like the feel of heavier clubs.  Golf equipment manufacturers have really jumped on the light weight band wagon in search of more distance for their customers.  The problem is that a club that is TOO light for your natural swing can cause erratic shots and poor contact. 

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